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Course Breakdown

This program provides introductory-level lessons, instructional practice activities, and individualized feedback to teach students to write clearly in order to communicate effectively. Students work through the course at their own pace. Fifteen lessons are broken down into three modules that include 19 teaching videos, 40 practice activities, 11 quizzes, 3 written paragraphs, and 6 one-on-one coaching calls. Answer keys and feedback on each quiz are provided for every lesson so students can monitor their progress and move forward at the appropriate pace. Once they have mastered the fundamentals of parts of speech and conventions, students learn to write clear, responsive, complete sentences and longer, expressive paragraphs. During Module 3, they will schedule one-on-one coaching calls for each paragraph to receive personalized feedback from a tutor to celebrate their strengths, acknowledge new learning, and
set goals for the next writing piece. 


Module 1

Chapter 1.1: Nouns

Chapter 1.2: Verbs
Chapter 1.3: Adjectives
Chapter 1.4: Adverbs
Chapter 1.5: Prepositional Phrases


Module 2

Chapter 2.1: Capitalization

Chapter 2.2: Ending Punctuation
Chapter 2.3: Apostrophes
Chapter 2.4: Commas
Chapter 2.5: Quotation Marks


Module 3

Chapter 3.1: Sentence Structure

Chapter 3.2: Responding with Complete Sentences
Chapter 3.3: Writing to Inform
Chapter 3.4: Writing to Persuade
Chapter 3.5: Writing to Entertain

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Beyond a private tutoring program, The Confident Writer's Course can be used in a variety of ways:

- Homeschool curriculum 

- Supplemental curriculum for classroom lessons

- After-school tutoring program for schools

- Teachers tutoring students outside of the classroom

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