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Turning reluctant writers into confident communicators

Hi, I'm Rachel! 

As an elementary teacher for 14 years, one of the most important skills I found students struggling to master was the ability to express information, needs, and ideas intelligently and effectively - and in a world of shorthand and instant communication, this need continues to rise. Therefore, I created The Confident Writer's Course to help students' learn the fundamental skills of sentence structure and paragraphing while building confidence in their abilities by celebrating their growth with supportive feedback. 

Course Features

This writing course was created out of a strong passion, a desire to build students' confidence, and a belief that learning should be simple and accessible at any time and place. This unique approach to learning is designed to provide students with the opportunity to strengthen their writing skills on their own time and at their own pace.


Students work through the course to learn about parts of speech and writing conventions. Once they are fully confident in these skills, they learn how to write strong complete sentences, respond to questions from a reading text, and write descriptive paragraphs. Six one-on-one coaching calls are included in Module 3 to review the written paragraphs directly with a tutor to receive individualized feedback on the child's growth and goals. 

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